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Paul Argendorf


"In my opinion quality engineering is not a premium on a handmade pipe, it is an expected component. Anyone with some mechanical inclination can be taught pipe engineering.

This does not make you a pipe maker."


I have the capabilities to provide the pipe making community with tooling for making pipes. Due to personal reasons, I am not offering this service to anyone who happens upon my website.

I have sold and altered many specialized chucks, several pairs of chuck jaws and sets of special ground drill bits to folks wanting to make pipes for themselves. The passion for this craft out weighs my desire to profit from it.

I feel I have created an idea that if you purchase a chuck from me and some altered drill bits, you can make pipes; However, this is not the case.

Please spend your money on a few pipe carving kits.

Buy your kits here!

If after this you feel the desire to continue your quest for pipe making, send me an email.

I hope you understand.

Kindest regards,

Ken Lamb

" I first posted this statement in 2001 still holds true today"

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