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The tooling on this website is designed for use by experienced pipe makers. If you choose to purchase any of these tools. Please remember this tooling is for individuals comfortable with running machinery.

If you are inexperienced with running high speed metal and woodworking tools. I would advise you not to purchase these products. Safety first.


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Due to the amount of overseas purchase requests, I must note all prices are in United States Dollars $$.

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A few of my customers

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Slack Sander

for shaping stummels



-Will accommodate 1.0"-2.0" (25mm - 50mm) wide belts.

-Approximately 36" of sanding face.

-Room to move the belt for stummel shaping

-Bench mount or floor mount.

(Designed for sitting in a normal chair if you choose)

-Variable speed professional motor 110v, will not overheat (been down this road), designed for all day use.

0 to 1800 RPM

-Anti-vibration mounts. (Fancy for rubber feet)

-Powder Coat  Industrial paint finish.

Weight 66lbs.

As always proudly made in the U.S.A.


Production Pricing:

$1880.00 plus shipping

Includes set of 6 belts in your choice of grit (see below)





California, USA,    Ontario, CN,    Saitama, Japan


 Washington State, USA,   Moscow, Russia,  Indiana, USA



8 weeks ARO on delivery of a new system.



This is a complete freestanding system ready to go out of the box.

Includes motor, electrical, stand,  all pulleys, no extras to buy.

Just plug it in and start shaping!

This belt sander is made for pipe making, designed with the help of pipe makers.

One Year factory warranty on motor and controller, 20 years on my workmanship.




-I sell custom made belts (aluminum oxide)  in the following grit, cloth backed (khaki like), in the USA.

Usually a 3 week turn around.

80, 120, 220, 320, 400, 600

1"(25mm), 1-3/8" (35mm) $7.50 each

2" (50mm) $8.50 each


$50.00 minimum per order.


I will have pricing for 1/4" (6.25mm), 1/2" (12.7mm) available in higher grits for finishing.


I will try to stock so you can mix and match.

(I can also supply you belts of any length , width, grit and backing material you require. Contact me for a quote.)










I am pleased to offer a chuck designed to mount to your 3 jaw chuck for stummel work. , with the convenience of not having to change out chucks for stem work.

This chuck can be directly mounted to your lathe spindle if you don't have a 3 jaw chuck and cut stem another way.

Peter Heeschen gets the credit for this concept. I just redesigned it a bit with American machining. Patent pending.



WEIGHT 3.5 LBS / 1.6 KGS




05 Units 


$550.00 each.



Threaded Lamb Chuck for direct mounting to your lathe spindle $600.00 ea. U.S. Dollars.

Flats on the boss for mounting in a drill press vise $600.00 ea. U.S. Dollars.

F.O.B. Saginaw, Michigan 48602 U.S.A.




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Where is my two jaw chuck alteration?

I stopped advertising this service due to most of my customers can do this themselves. I choose to help a professional pipe maker increase his/her efficiency with high quality innovative designed tools to help relieve the rudimentary and tedious tasks involved in making a handmade smoking pipe. Freeing up time to spend on design and aesthetics.


If you need this alteration I can refer you to a source that will do this for you.

Thank you for understanding my market and focus.




Drill Bits

Special ground drill bits for the smoke chamber

Silver& Deming (reduced shank) 1/2" shank MADE IN THE U.S.A. drill bits. S&D are nice for mounting in a drill chuck.



     These are not snag ground on a bench grinder, they are precision ground on a CNC OD/ID grinder. Concentricity is within .0005. This bit will eliminate most of your hand sanding of tool marks in the smoke chamber.

Prices are subject to change.


Made in the USA  High Speed Hardened Steel


$110.00 each  U.S. Dollars

Any size from  19mm,.750" thru 25mm, 1.00"

These prices are for 1/2" reduced shank drill bits.

Morse tapered bits please call or email for pricing.

Larger sizes available.


    Set of 3 drill bits

$315.00 U.S. Dollars


Inventory for immediate shipment.

Danish (Conical)

3/4" (.750")  Qty: 05


13/16" (.812) Qty: 05


7/8" (.875") Qty: 03


English (Straight wall round bottom, Dunhill like)

3/4" (.750") Qty: 05

13/16" (.812") Qty: 05

7/8" (.875) Qty: 05



Cutty (Tapered)

3/4" (.750) Qty: 01





Ballnose Tapered Silver & Deming Drill bits

$150.00 each U.S. Dollars

$125.00 each US Dollars


Inventory  for immediate shipment.


1-1/8" (1.125)  Qty: 01

  1.0" (1.00") Qty: 01

7/8" (.875) Qty: 02


13/16" (.812) Qty: 02


3/4" (.750) Qty: 05





 American standard sizes as well as metric sizes are also available. As well as 3/4" reduced shank , #1 and #2 Morse taper shank drill bits for mounting in your lathe tailstock.

    I can also grind drill bits to your specifications.

If you need a more conical profile for the canted cutty your making, let me know. Just send me a sketch I can take it from there.






Danish style spoon tobacco chamber cutters

Set of Four

19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm

$450.00 U.S.

06 set in stock ready to ship


Individual 19mm bits $125.00


10 units


Designed with Lars Ivarsson



* Edge damaged due to mishandling not under warranty.





New 50 set build is in process for Chicago Pipe Show May 2015.

20 sets ready to ship



If this is not the best spoon bit you have ever used I will refund your money 100%.


Heat-treated 60-62 Rockwell-C

High Speed Latrobe M-2 Steel

With a very aggressive cutting style and the stoutness required for freehand drilling, and wood removal. 12mm shank


(I apologize, others in this business are taking my pictures and making similar tools. A Spoon Bit made by me is Laser Engraved with my name Ken Lamb)



Helical cut tapered ball nose end mills.

Call or email for pricing.


Mortise and Tenon Cutting Set


Ken Lamb designed Military (tapered)


This M&T set is designed to have full contact line to line on the inside of the mortise to the outside of the tenon.

OTHER TOOLS by other pipe makers can not make this claim.

If your tenon and mortise are not in full contact along the taper it is a weak joint.

With my Tapered Tenon cutting tool you will have 100% contact to the inside wall of the mortise. Cutting down from your rod stock or placing a delrin tenon in your stem.

This is not a pipe making secret, this is engineering 101.


Mortise & Tenon Set.

$200.00 U.S. Dollars

Tapered mortise cutting bit

9mm diameter 1-1/2 degree taper per side. (Two flute cutting edge)


Tapered tenon cutting bit.

Mounts in tool post square to the rod stock. Plunge straight in it is set at 1-1/2 degree to match mortise tool.


This tooling is manufactured from M-2 HSS

heat treated (in a vacuum furnace) to 62-64 Rockwell



Qty: 05 sets





    You can buy reamers from me or any tool supply website or catalog. I can grind them to your required length. 


High Speed steel tooling for stem detail work

Set of 6

1/2" sq. Hardened HSS ground for stem work.

Pictures available upon request.

 $200.00 U,S, Dollars  Qty: 02




3/8" sq. Hardened HSS (high speed steel)

$185.00 U.S. Dollars Qty: 02





    Email me for pictures of the different profiles pipe makers use for stem and bowl detail work, shank and stem inlays and ferrules. I can also cut tooling to your specifications.

1/8",1/4",3/8",1/2",3/4" sq. HSS tooling blanks ground to your specifications.



Other Machining Services Available


Need a backing plate for your chuck just laying there collecting briar dust?  Can't locate a supplier?

Send me your chuck and the spindle thread size or taper to your lathe.

Pulleys with keyways.

Spindle and or bearing re-builds.

Re-grinding to true up morse tapers.

If it is made of steel, cast iron, aluminum, brass or bronze.

Send me what you need, I can send you a quote.


I now have the capabilities to hold .0002 TIR (Total Indicator Runout), .0002 Concentricity. These tolerances are much tighter than any situation a pipe maker would need. But I am bragging to the pipe maker/toolmaker. ; )



All machining inquiries will be quoted in advance with price and delivery.


I ship overseas US Global Priority Mail


I honor my quoted price unless something is way out of line and not what we had discussed before the quote.


I quote blueprint wear replacement tooling and fixtures, jigs and small assemblies for a living.


I should ask you all the proper questions before I quote. Miscommunication can happen.


    If you have any machining needs please don't hesitate to ask me a question. I would be more than happy to help. If you have a problem....send me an e-mail, if I can't answer your question

I have 60 combined years of experienced tool and die makers to run it by.

Kind regards,

Ken Lamb



Pipe marking stamps available from

A&M Stamps

55 Windsor Avenue - Mineola, NY 11501

PH:516-741-6223  FAX: 516-248-4202

Paul Argendorf

Contact Paul


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